Stores Unit

The Stores in this Ministry is a unit presently under the Procurement Division. It has the statutory responsibility to liaise with all the Units, Divisions and Departments of the Ministry to process procurement of goods and services required among others for the day to day running of the Ministry. It therefore has the duty of taking delivery of goods procured and ensuring proper custody of same for issuance to users as at when required.

The Unit is currently headed by a Chief Stores Officer supported by ten (10) other staff, cutting across various grades of the Cadre.

Presently the Stores occupy two rooms in the SGF basement within the Federal Secretariat Complex. Three 20 feet Containers which also serve for storages are located at the Crèche premises of the Ministry behind Police HQ. Two other rooms within the building are also utilized for similar purpose.


  • The fully operational types of stores we have are categorized as follows;

  • Stationery Stores -Mostly of Stationery working materials for all Departments of the Ministry.

  • General Stores: Where the following items are kept like;

  • Electrical/Electronic Items

  • Mechanical and Maintenance Items

  • Office Equipment and Furniture

  • Aid Material Stores – Consists of Aids and Appliances for distribution to the disabled and Advocacy programmes across various States of the Federation.

  • Crèche Stores- where materials required for the running of Crèche are kept.


  • The day to day Administration of the Stores and reports to the Head of Division under which Stores operate.

  • Initiate and propose the need to replenish Stock of items required based on the determination of out of stock position.

  • Conduct market survey when the need the arise.

  • Liaise with Procurement Unit on Contract Award matters with the view to making adequate arrangement for taking delivery of goods so procured.

  • Signs all Stores Receipt Vouchers prepared in respect of Goods and Services received.

  • Vet and sign all approved Stores Requisition Notes/Issue Vouchers for the issuance of items from Stores.

  • Conduct periodic checks on Stores and ensure orderliness.

  • Determine and advise on the management of Unserviceable Stores.

  • Organise periodic Stock taking exercise as may be applicable.

  • Ensure discipline and good conduct of Subordinates.

  • Ensure the Safety and Security aspect of Stores are maintained at all times.

  • Any other duty that may be assigned from time to time. 

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