Internal Audit Unit


Internal Audit is one of the Units placed directly under the control and supervision of the Accounting Officer, the Permanent Secretary.

The Division currently has a total of eleven (11) staff headed by a Deputy Director. There are two (2) Assistant Directors, five (5) senior officers, two junior staff and a Secretary.


Internal Audit is part of the management system designed to ensure that all system of accounts, stores, including rules and regulations established by the management are carried out as stipulated by Establishment circulars, i.e. Civil Service Rules, Financial Regulations and other approved authorities so as to ensure discipline in all financial transactions in an organization.

It acts as internal control for the smooth running of the establishment by ensuring adherence to management policies, safe guard the assets and secure as far as possible the completeness, accuracy and reliability of all accounting records.


  • From Year 2011, the Division has ensured that all purchases (stores items) were of high quality and proper records of entries were made.

  • The Division also ensured that accounting records were maintained and all check and balances were put in place.

  • That funds collected were utilized as appropriated.

  • Ensured that ghost workers did not exist on the payrolls.

  • Ensured that funds were disbursed on Projects in line with appropriation, especially as at 31st March, 2012 when the Capital Expenditure for Fiscal Year 2011 ended.


We are of the opinion that the Division is having a good relationship with all the departments and units in the Ministry, and a total value for money audit will continue to be embarked upon as usual.


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